September 19, 2008

Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex - Part 1

Sex between a couple is very normal and romantic exercise, women are sensitive but men too. There are some life tips about sex for couple, especially for women :

1) Being Passive
- Don't let him undress you and himself. Just help him a little bit, like making the first step. It won't hurt. One more thing, just cause we are men it doesn't mean that we must do all the work.

2) Wearing Jeans Or Tight Pants
- It takes time to take off these kinds of clothes. Every second counts. Remember one thing: the more time you got, the more rounds you got. And the more rounds you got, the more you are satisfied. Be smart.

3) Going Down Halfway
- Once you start going down, don't stop at the belly button or around it. Keep going or just don't go below the neck at all.

4) Moaning Like A Runner Who Needs Air
- Better moan with style girl cause men love to make fun of girls who can't moan like movie stars (Halle Berry, Whitney Houston). Try not to make too much noise when you exhale.

5) Scratching His Back
- We don't need no autographs, girls. It does not feel good at all! Depending on the length of the nails, and how deep u dig the nail in our backs, they leave permanent marks. So keep your nails in your pockets, please. If you feel the need to scratch a brother's back, either grip the hell out of the sheets, or the headboard

My Thoughts

Sex is for both women and men, not individual party, both parties have to respect and appreciate each other. I'm not helping any side, but I'm just sharing about my thoughts, perhaps there'll be an article about mistakes for men in future. Take Care To Your Love One!

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