September 22, 2008

Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex - Part 2

In Mistakes Women Make When Having Sex - Part 1, I had shared 5 tips on Mistakes that women make when having sex, so I'll continue for the part 2 :

6) Letting Your Long Hair Fall On His Face
- Men need air, they breathe. So please be intelligent a little bit. Men will feel itchy and the feel will be gone.

7) Jumping On His Hips Too Hard
- A man is not a horse so please take it easy unless you got a big booty that can take care of the landing.

8) Screaming Too Loud When You Cum
- Please not to shout or scream too loud. It's not a war or something else, do you want to get caught by parents or just love to see jumping trough the window butt naked.

9) Keep Yourself Clean
- Everyone knows that fish has a smell. But we don't have to be 20 smelling it when you take the drawls off. Please warn if you haven't freshened up. Men aren't the only ones who sweat. And we sure don't want you smelling like you work at a fish market either. No man wants to eat off a dirty plate.

My Thoughts

I would say some of the tips can be applied on men as well. Ladies, please don't be too sensitive on this issues, these are some life tips for having a romantic sex with husband or boyfriend. Sex is for both parties, please care of each other when having sex to build up a romantic life!

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